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hangzhou heaventex

hangzhou heaventex

Mattress Fabric

We would understand better how much sleeping is important for us if we consider that we pass 1/3 of our lives by sleeping. Considering we spend a third of our lives in bed, the importance of how much sleep affects our general living quality cannot be overstated. Choose a suitable mattress could solve your sleep problem perfectly.

However, we give little thought to mattress ticking - the fabric that holds our mattresses together. To the customer, ticking is just the outward appearance of the mattress, but it has to fulfill many requirements, and it's an important part of the mattress you buy.  How to choose a suitable mattress ticking? Come here and you will get what you want based on functional and material which you are searching for……




Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery fabrics, the cover and appearance of the furniture and upholstery, can define the style of a room. The most common use of Upholstery fabric is in furniture pieces, including sofas, chaise lounges, chairs and ottomans. They may also be used for draperies, pillows, cushions and seats on wooden chairs. Upholstery fabric can even be used on walls, and once was rather commonly. To choose a proper upholstery fabric will brighten a room immediately. Don’t hesitate to come here and choose some of them for your market. You will be pretty surprised by the competitive price and high quality fabrics you could obtain here……